Women's Stackable Silicone Rings- Turquoise

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This simple, classy ring makes a statement. It looks fashionable and stylish on any Woman's finger !

KomFortRingZ Stackable Silicone Rings are the perfect way to express your unique personality.  They work great as an accent to our Silicone Rings, or you can mix and match as many as you want to create fun color combinations.  The possibilities are endless !

As with all of our rings, the Stackables are made with medical grade silicone.
We can't wait to see what combinations you'ill come up with !
Product Dimensions:

 Width: 2.5 mm
 Thickness: 1.8 mm
 Sizes Available:   4 through 9

KomFortRingz rings are the most versatile, highest-rated composite silicone rings on the market.  They’re sleek, flexible, and strong. Just like you. This ring adapts to your lifestyle and your work to make sure your hands and fingers are safe and sound.  It’s engineered to last, and it’s the most functional alternative to a traditional wedding band.  You’ll actually be excited to wear a wedding ring again!  Simply pick your size, and then click “Add To Cart.”